Reserve and Resource Table 071321

Notes – Mineral Reserves:

  1. Thomas L. Dyer, P.E., is the QP responsible for reporting the Batman Deposit Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves.
  2. Batman deposit mineral reserves are reported using a 0.35 g Au/t cutoff grade and $1600 per ounce gold price.
  3. Deepak Malhotra is the QP responsible for reporting the heap-leach pad mineral reserves.
  4. Because all the heap-leach pad reserves are to be fed through the mill, these mineral reserves are reported without a cutoff grade applied.
  5. The mineral reserves point of reference is the point where material is fed into the mill.
  6. The effective date of the mineral reserve estimates is December 31, 2021.

Notes – Mineral Resources:

  1. Measured & Indicated Mineral Resources include Proven and Probable Reserves.
  2. Batman and Quigleys mineral resources are quoted at a 0.40g-Au/t cut-off grade. Heap Leach resources are the average grade of the heap, no cut-off applied.
  3. Batman: Mineral resources constrained within a $1,300/oz gold WhittleTM pit shell. Pit parameters: Mining Cost $1.50/tonne, Milling Cost $7.80/tonne processed, G&A Cost $0.46/tonne processed, G&A/Year 8,201 K US4, Au Recovery, Sulfide 85%, Transition 80%, Oxide 80%, 0.2g-Au/t minimum for resource shell.
  4. Quigleys: Resources constrained within a $1,300/oz gold WhittleTM pit shell. Pit parameters: Mining cost $1.90/tonne, Processing Cost $9.779/tonne processed, Royalty 1% GPR, Gold Recovery Sulfide, 82.0% and Ox/Trans 78.0%, water treatment $0.09/tonne, Tailings $0.985/tonne.
  5. Differences in the table due to rounding are not considered material. Differences between Batman and Quigleys mining and metallurgical parameters are due to their individual geologic and engineering characteristics. 
  6. Rex Bryan of Tetra Tech is the QP responsible for the Statement of Mineral Resources for the Batman, Heap Leach Pad and Quigleys deposits. 
  7. Thomas Dyer of RESPEC is the QP responsible for developing the resource WhittleTM pit shell for the Batman Deposit.
  8. The effective date of the Heap Leach, Batman and Quigleys resource estimate is December 31, 2021.
  9. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves have no demonstrated economic viability and do not meet all relevant modifying factors.

All scientific and technical information contained herein has been prepared by, or under the supervision of, John Rozelle, Vista’s Senior Vice President, a Qualified Person as defined under subpart 1300 of Regulation S-K under the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and an independent Qualified Person as defined by Canadian National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure of Mineral Projects.


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