Mt Todd is a brownfield site, operated and abandoned in the 1990’s, with known point sources of acid rock drainage (ARD). With its acquisition of Mt Todd in 2006, Vista accepted the responsibility to manage the site and improve the environmental conditions. Protecting water quality in the Edith River has been a high priority.

Since the start of our involvement in the Mt Todd Project Vista has successfully:

  • Terminated the previous practice of discharging acidic, metalliferous solutions into the Edith River
  • Pioneered the use of micronized limestone as an efficient and cost-effective method of treating large volumes of acidic solutions
  • Implemented treatment protocols resulting in the treatment of over 11 million cubic meters (approximately 4,400 Olympic swimming pools) to a final pH of 7.2 and the removal of over 99.9% of the contained metals
  • Worked with the Northern Territory EPA to develop algorithms (based on extensive testing) to allow automated discharge of treated water in compliance with NT standards for the protection of flora and fauna in the waters of the NT
  • Adopted a policy of transparency and developed real-time, web-based reporting systems that allow the community to monitor our performance

Vista Gold is proud to be a responsible partner with the NT community in the protection of the water resources that are vital to the indigenous owners, local communities, agriculture and fishermen. Future construction of the Mt Todd mine will include a water treatment plant and engineered solutions to eliminate the generation of ARD.




noun Earth 3614464 Environmental Impact Statement
noun No Water 1368097 Mt Todd Water Treatment SME Published Report April 2016



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