The Mt Todd gold project is located on lands owned by the Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation(“Jawoyn Association”). As part of the acquisition of Mt Todd, Vista and the Jawoyn Association enteredinto an agreement (the “Agreement”) that provides, among other things, Vista with access to and use ofthe land in the project area. Vista and the Jawoyn Association have recently updated the Agreement.

Vista regards its relationship with the Jawoyn people as one of its most important relationships. Ourshared interests in sound environmental management and the protection of sites that are considered tobe sacred or culturally significant are high priorities for Vista and the Jawoyn Association. Vista’s strongrelationship with the Jawoyn Association is built on trust, mutual respect and open communication.

The updated Agreement provides greater assurances with regards to the protection of cultural andsacred sites, the development of cross-cultural training programs and a regional employment strategy,and the development of business opportunities for the Jawoyn Association. This modernization of theAgreement is very significant and forward looking, especially in light of tragic events this past year inWestern Australia.

Vista and the Jawoyn Association will now be forming a Leaders Forum to provide more regular andformal collaboration at the senior management level of the project. This forum will provide theplatform for the Jawoyn Association to be better informed of project advancements and possiblecontracting opportunities. It will also provide greater opportunity for collaboration on matters ofmutual interest and concern for Vista and the Jawoyn Association.

Vista will be working closely with the Jawoyn Association to develop a cross-cultural training program topromote greater respect and understanding for aboriginal ways and culture. We will also be workingtogether to develop a regional employment strategy that will include mine specific job training foraboriginal people in the Katherine area.

Additionally, the Jawoyn Association has committed to support Vista and the Mt Todd gold project in allrequired authorization processes. Importantly, Vista and the Jawoyn Association have agreed tochanges that will provide the Jawoyn with increased economic benefit from the project without the risksof the joint venture and participating interest contemplated in the Agreement.

Fred Earnest, Vista’s President and CEO, commented, “This modernization of our agreement is amilestone achievement. It confirms our strong relationship with the Jawoyn people and furtherstrengthens our mutual commitments to shared values. We are pleased to be working closely withJawoyn Association as we advance the Mt Todd gold project.”