Social Responsibility

Vista’s employees are committed to managing and operating our sites in a manner that is protective of human health, safety, and the environment. It is our policy to comply, in all material respects, with applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. Each employee is also expected to comply with our policies, programs, standards and procedures.

Vista’s operations are overseen by the Board of Directors through the Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Committee. The charter for the Committee can be found on the Investors section of this website. The Committee’s purpose is to assist the Board in its oversight of:

  • Health, safety, environmental and community risks;
  • The Company’s compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  • The Company’s performance in relation to health, safety, environmental and social responsibility matters;
  • The performance and leadership of the health, safety, environmental and social responsibility functions of the Company; and
  • The Company’s external reporting with respect to health, safety, environmental and social responsibility matters.

For more information about the Company’s commitment to the environment and communities near Mt. Todd, please visit our Mt. Todd website at

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